FIVDB is a development
organization established in 1979.
The basic objectives of the
organization are to empower the
disadvantaged women, men and
children, contribute in the reduction
of poverty, protection and
regeneration of eco system and
environment. Approaches include
education, social organization
building, financial service, health,
livelihood and food security.

Core Themes

Adult and Lifelong Learning

FIVDB is renowned for its pioneering and innovative work in the area of adult learning and primary education. It has received national and international awards for its non-formal functional literacy program and learning materials. The functional literacy materials were initially developed in 1981 following an extensive field research and were radically revised on the basis of field experiences and field findings in 1990...

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Livelihood and Food Security

FIVDB’s livelihoods program originally focused on agricultural extension services and health education emphasizing primary health care, particularly for women and infants, immunization, and water-sanitation, gradually developing capacity in livestock, poultry, fisheries and cottage based crafts production. FIVDB became one of Bangladesh’s pioneer organizations in developing rural...

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Integrated Financial Services

FIVDB has been providing financial services for disadvantaged communities in Northeastern part of Bangladesh since early 80’s. The program has evolved over decades and presently offers services in mobilization of savings, micro-credit, enterprise credit, specialized services for ultra poor households and technical assistance and financial support for installation of solar home system...

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Child Development and Primary Education

FIVDB has from its inception in 1981 developed, piloted and implemented functional literacy programme for women and men. In the mid 80’s some of the adult learners established learning centres for their children in different villages. FIVDB supported these spontaneous community efforts with training and learning materials. From 1994 FIVDB started experimenting with active learning...

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FIVDB since its inception is active in the field of health, nutrition, family planning, provision of portable water and sanitation. For a long while, FIVDB trained rural health workers and traditional birth attendants (TBA). FIVDB’s health programme presently focuses on maternal, neonatal care, child survival and family planning. FIVDB is involved in malaria control and water and sanitation (WASH) activities...

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Humanitarian Response

FIVDB began working with the Rohingya shortly after August 2017, when a military campaign that has been called a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing” forced over 700,000 Rohingya, an ethnic minority in Myanmar, to flee, seeking shelter in neighboring Bangladesh.

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